Holiday Playlist: The Kinks “Father Christmas”

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Holiday Playlist: The Kinks “Father Christmas”

The Kinks weave social commentary, a hooky chorus, and a bitchin’ guitar tone into a Christmas rock anthem



Kinks frontman Ray Davies was never one to shy away from social commentary. However like most of what he wrote, he tended to deliver it with a wry twist. This is especially evident in “Father Christmas“; the Kinks’ 1977 single about a guy who dresses as a department store Santa and gets rolled by street kids demanding money and telling him to “give all the toys to the little rich boys.”


Released at the height of the British punk explosion, the song mirrors the attitudes and sensibilities of the punk movement. Although it arguably delivers its social message with more subtlety than the likes of the SexPistols or the Clash were capable of mustering at the time. Nor were their many punk bands that could match the blistering tones of Dave Davies‘ guitar solo.


Pour some eggnog and enjoy this vintage clip of the Kinks performing “Father Christmas” on Top of the Pops back in 1977.

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