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Wines That Rock

The weekend is almost here and the time is right for relaxing with a nice glass of wine. But you don’t want to drink just any wine. You want to open a bottle of wine that really rocks!

To that end, let us introduce you to Wines That Rock: The Official Wine of Rock and Roll.

Wines That Rock is a winery founded by a group of experienced winemakers and fanatical rock fans. Working in partnership with the Mendocino Wine Company, they’ve launched a new line of vino that’s inspired by rock music and classic rock artists.

Taking their inspiration from classic albums by classic bands, the winemakers set about producing wines which embodied the characteristics of those albums. The company’s selection includes Grateful Dead Red, Woodstock Chardonnay, Rolling Stones’ Forty Licks Merlot, and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon among others.

By taking rock and roll as their inspiration, the company has also managed to produce some of the coolest labels you’re ever likely to come across on a wine bottle. But beyond being just looking cool, Wines That Rock’s labels are designed to read like liner notes, such as you’d find on the back of an album.

Okay, so cool labels and catchy names are all well and good. But how’s the wine itself? Well according to reviews it’s actually pretty good. Not only that but the company is committed to embracing sustainable practices, using green farming methods, eco-friendly packaging, and being maintaining carbon neutrality.

Wines That Rock can be enjoyed anywhere you’d typically enjoy a bottle of wine. However these wines were truly intended to be drank while listening to the music that inspired them. As the company states on the back of every bottle, “Pop the Cork, Turn up the Tunes and enjoy the taste of Wines That Rock.”

Visit the Wines That Rock website for more information or to order yourself a few bottles!

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