Gear Profile: Vox Amps

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Gear Profile: Vox Amps

There’s a special breed of gear that evokes both great memories as well as great sounds, across generations. VOX amplifiers have been thrilling audiences for decades, and maintain a special place in popular musical history. Over the past fifty years, countless bands ranging from The Rolling Stones, Nickleback, and U2 to Keith Urban, All American Rejects, and Sugarland have used VOX gear to rock venues around the world.


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The company has a fascinating history and has demonstrated its ability to evolve and respond to changing market conditions over the years. Of course, VOX amps represented the mainstay backline for The Beatles, and were widely used by many of the great bands of the 1960′s “British Invasion.” Nowdays, a new generation of high quality VOX amps combine modeling and tube technology to produce exciting sounds for players across a wide range of musical styles.


vox amps

In recent years, VOX introduced its Valvetronix series, with innovative technology that allows guitarists to capture the sound and feel of eleven of the world’s most sought-after tube amps. Through Valvetronix technology, guitarists can dial up amp tones such as AC30, Blackface 2×12, 1×12 Tweed, UK Blues, etc. This video demonstrates amazing versatility and warm, distinctive tones captured by VOX Valvetronix technology. Rock on!

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