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Vox MINI3 G2 Portable Amp

Vox’s new MINI3 is stylish, compact, portable and loaded with gusto


Vox Amplification has released the new MINI3 G2 Portable Amp.


The compact, versatile amp makes use of Vox’s renowned modeling technology to reproduce 11 different amp sounds ranging from classic Vox British tone to more contemporary nu metal sounds.


The MINI3 can be powered by batteries or plugged in with an AC adapter. It also comes with eight on-board effects including compressor, chorus, flanger, tremelo, reverb and delay.


The versatile, highly mobile amp can run for up to 30 hours on just six AA batteries. It also features a mic input with a separate volume knob and reverb/delay control, allowing it to be used as a portable PA system. The battery powered MINI also comes with a stylish strap, making it the perfect amp for street musicians, subway buskers, and anyone else who regularly takes their act on the go.


The MINI3 G2 is due to be released later this summer and is available in a range of stylish colors including black, ivory, and “classic.”


Visit for more info on this small but mighty little package of sound.



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