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Von Zipper Sunglasses

Alright, time to determine if the Von Zipper sunglasses has a motto that’s rock  ‘n’ roll enough for us: “It’s a salute to the flag of radness…with a pledge of allegiance to bitchinness.”


You be the judge.



We’ll play it safe and imagine your vote was cast for rock ‘n’ roll. If it was, maybe you should salute those about to rock by grabbing a pair of Von Zipper sunglasses of your own.


According to Von Zipper, the company started “in a side warehouse in San Clemente, California by friends that grew up surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, riding dirt bikes and giggling together.” Since then, the friends have been acquired by surf, skate, and swimwear conglomerates Billabong, but despite that, the Von Zipper message still rings true more than ever today, at least based on the kooky designs and wicked colors the company currently cranks out.

Just check out the Von Zipper celebrity endorsees: Donovan Frankenreiter of Jack Johnson’s Bruishfire Records, heavy metal throwbacks Valient Thor and guitarist Jesse Hughes, co-founder of Josh Homme’s Queens of the Stone Age side project, the Eagles of Death Metal.
But Von Zipper sunglasses are what make the real rock ‘n’ roll statement for the company. With modern West Coast takes on classic sunglass styles and colors that rival the obnoxiousness of the cheapest shades of the neon-lit 1980s, Von Zipper sunglasses make it easy for rockers to get noticed.


Here are a few of the coolest models:


The Von Zipper Elmore
Von Zipper’s take on the classic bulk-frame shades made famous by Jake and Elwood of the Blues Brothers—incidentally, one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll movies and soundtracks of all time. If you don’t want anyone to see the upper half of your face, these are for you.


Jackass 3D Edition—the Von Zipper Snark Black Satin
The Snark is Von Zipper’s take on the wrap-around West Coast sport shade. True extremists need full protection from the elements and sweaty crowds when they zip in an out of populated bars. The Von Zipper Snark provides this without letting anyone ever see your pupils—available now in a limited skull and crossbones finish to celebrate the release of the critically un-acclaimed movie Jackass 3D.


Limited Edition Facemelt Series:
Von Zipper produced a limited amount of their famous Snark and Elmore series shades in obnoxiously 80s-neon colors. Purchase yours while still at large online and in surf/skate shops. They’re available in colors like purple fog, fufuberry surprise, swamp juice, mystic blueberry and tangerine dream, so you know they have to be cool.

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