Virgin Atlantic Airways: Coolest Carrier in the Sky

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Virgin Atlantic Airways: Coolest Carrier in the Sky

Virgin Atlantic is the only airline we know of that was financially birthed by a record label that signed the Sex Pistols in the 1970s. If that seems weird to you, than do yourself a favor and buy an Upper Class ticket on any Virgin flight. It’ll become pretty clear why living the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle 30,000 feet above ground isn’t exactly a bad idea at all.


In fact, rock ‘n’ roll has been obsessed with the airplane for just about as long as it’s been around. Think about it, Joan Jett, Jefferson Airplane, Aeroplane by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jet Airliner by Steve Miller—the list could go on for days. Plus, just about every rock star, celebrity and fan has a go-to pair of aviators.


Virgin Atlantic’s rock ‘n’ roll vibe is clearly evident on its flights, perhaps because the airline is largely rooted in capital founder Richard Branson obtained by selling Virgin Records. The carrier has become known for flying passengers in style, boasting higher comfort levels and better entertainment and gadgetry per seat than the common airline can offer. Plus, they have a full bar in their business class…no wonder they’ve won tons of awards in the airline industry.


If you’ve never taken a flight on one of Virgin’s “big ol’ jet airliners,” here’s a list of amenities you can expect in each cabin:


Economy Class

Even Virgin Atlantic’s economy cabin puts most American airlines to shame—the seats are much more plush than you’d expect form a typical carrier, as are the tray tables and monitors. All meals are free and include actual options, including accommodations for vegan, gluten-free and kosher-eating passengers as long as you provide a bit of advanced notice. Each seat has adjustable headrests and lumbar support, and every passenger gets a personal TV screen in the seat in front of them—most include a video game console as well. There’s even a free bar service to boot.


Premium Economy Class

All premium economy seats are plush purple leather chairs that include 38 inches of legroom and extra reclining capabilities to make it easier to stretch out. Adjustable headrests, lumbar support and footrest make it way easy to kickback and relax on your flight. Everyone gets a fancy in-flight table, lap-top power outlets and their own private seatback TV. Passengers are also treated to pre-flight drinks, a complimentary newspaper, a menu of food served on china with steel utensils, and preferential treatment in security, boarding and baggage pickup lines.


Upper Class, Business Class

This is truly the way rock stars are meant to travel. There are no rows of seats here, instead, there’s a full in-flight bar and each “seat” is really a deluxe leather chair with an ottoman that doubles as a guest seat for those wishing to socialize. It’s kind of like an in-flight nightclub. Push a button and the double seat arrangement converts into a 6’5” bed that’s about three feet wide. “Attention passengers, The Sex Pistols are now free to move about the cabin…”


Check out this video slideshow on Virgin:


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