Video: Primal Scream “It’s Alright, It’s OK”

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Video: Primal Scream “It’s Alright, It’s OK”

Scottish indie dance rockers return with new album and goin’ on new video

Primal Scream made their name by fusing the decadent rock excesses of the Stones in the early Seventies with the druggy, beat-crazed euphoria of early Nineties club music.


At various times during the course of their long, shambolic career, the band have veered purely to retro rock, such as on 1994’s “Give Out But Don’t Give Up” or 2006’s “Riot City Blues.” They also went purely techno for a couple years with “XTRMNT” in 2000 and 2002’s “Evil Heat.”


However the Scream are at their best when they fuse rock and dance music into something that sounds at once like the best new song you’ve heard this year and something you feel like you’ve been listening to all your life. And Primal Scream are at their best for much of their new album, “More Light.”


Lead-singer and main creative force in the band, Bobby Gillespie has a long and celebrated affinity for various powders, pills and substances. But the former Jesus and Mary Chain drummer cleaned up his act prior to the recording of “More Light.” While this doesn’t always work out well for bands that rely on excess as their fount of inspiration, it seems to have lent the new Scream record a freshness and a brightness that puts it easily on par with the band’s best work from decades past.


Check out the black and white video for “It’s Alright, It’s OK,” one of the standout tracks on “More Light.”

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