Video: Flaming Lips “Turning Violent”

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Video: Flaming Lips “Turning Violent”

Wayne Coyne and co. are back with uncharacteristically straightforward new video for “Turning Violent”


The Flaming Lips have released a new video for “Turning Violent” off their latest album, The Terror.


The video is somewhat of a departure from the usual sort of videos the band releases. The rampant craziness the Lips are usually known for is reigned in significantly and aside from a bit of psychedelic lighting and glimpses of women lolling around in glitter, it’s basically about the band delivering the song in this one.


Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has been busy of late, having just released his first comic book The Sun Is Sick, which is described as a “full-color psychedelic fantasy” that’s not suitable for children.


The band are currently out on the road in support of The Terror, an album that reviewers have been using words like “difficult,” “dark,” “challenging” and “brilliant” to describe.

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