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Deep Valley Unleash New Video: “Bad For My Body”

Deap Valley explode in red-hot video for latest single


Deap Valley are a pair of raucous rock and roll vixens who are extremely well versed in the art of looking like trouble. Formed in 2011 these two sparsely-attired Valley Girls have a blues-rock sound that resembles a three alarm fire in the middle of a prison riot. As Deap Valley, singer/guitarist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards pound out a primal, blues rock groove that inspires tiresome but fairly appropo comparisons to Black Keys and White Stripes.



But these girls bring their own searing heat to the indie blues-rock duo genre, cooking up influences like Stevie Wonder, Iggy Pop, Joan Lett, and Thelma & Louise into an incendiary blues rock sound with a punk edge.


After first meeting in a crocheting class, the duo discovered a shared propensity for stripped down, raw rock and roll, and for wearing halter tops, cutoff jeans and large sunglasses. They played their first gig at the Silverlake Lounge and their riotous live act and primal rock sound rapidly generated enough buzz to land them an opening slot with Muse.



Tours of the UK followed and Deap Valley’s stock is currently rising on both sides of the pond. Earlier this year they released a four-song EP, “Get Deap!” which they have just followed up with this this month’s full-length release, “Sistrionix.”


The girls have also just released this scorching video clip for the album’s first single “Bad For My Body.” Check it out and prepare to Get Deap!


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