Video: Beady Eye “Soul Love” Live on Jools Holland

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Video: Beady Eye “Soul Love” Live on Jools Holland

Liam and the lads debut slightly spooky new sound on Later with Jools Holland


By Alex Baker


Ex-Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher and his new outfit, Beady Eye are back with a new album in the UK and an accompanying tour. 


Beady Eye’s second album Be, was produced by TV On the Radio guitarist, Dave Sitek and has frankly been receiving some mixed reviews; with the younger Gallagher brother’s on-again-off-again public adversary Robbie Williams publicly proclaiming “Beady Eye would be better if their songs had a chorus.”


However recently the band appeared on BBC’s Later with Jools Holland, debuting “Soul Love,” the lead-off single and one of the strongest tracks off Be.


Regardless of Robbie Williams’ opinion (he might have a point you know) or whether Be proves to be a classic or not, Beady Eye have still got the aura of a great band about them, consisting as they do of the remnants of Oasis. Anyway, we’re certainly digging this moody clip of the band on live The Beeb and eagerly await their next stateside visit.

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