Very Cool Slash Solo

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Very Cool Slash Solo

Slash lays down a Peter Frampton-tinged solo with a Heil Talk Box in his mouth and a Les Paul in his hands. Many people think Frampton’s vocal sound on his mega-hit “Do You Feel Like We Do,” was created with a vocoder, but it was actually made with a talkbox, a small speaker connected to a clear plastic hose that the performer sticks in his mouth. You can see the hose here, winding up Slash’s mic stand.


Slash plays solo guitar here for almost five minutes, showing off the thick heavy tone and powerful chops that drove Guns N’ Roses out of the LA glam clubs and into superstardom. Slash’s trademark sound is a Les Paul roaring through a Marshall amplifier. Slash owns over 100 guitars but primarily uses his 1987 Les Paul Standard live. His favorite guitar for recording is a replica of a 1959 Les Paul that he’s used on every album he made with Guns N’ Roses and Velvet Revolver—and used on his solo album, as well.

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