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Nashville Venues: Grimey’s / The Basement

One of the smallest and grungiest spots for live music in Nashville, The Basement is situated beneath Grimey’s Record Shop (an independent record shop that’s time and again ranked one of the world’s best). Both establishments are owned by the affable Mike Grimes and both feature live music. During the day, you’ll definitely want to peruse Grimey’s.


Located inside a house on 8th Avenue between a slew of antique stores and the old baseball stadium, the record store is a collection of cubbyholes, filled with new and “pre-loved” CDs, vinyl albums and music mags. The fact that popular rock venue The Basement is located just beneath the music store makes this the epicenter of indie cool in Nashville. If you’re a real music aficionado, the staff at Grimey’s will engage you with talk of the latest, greatest albums.

Providing free pizza and hot wings, and often times cans of cold beer, Grimey’s is known to stage last-minute, mid-day acoustic shows by the likes of Neko Case and Clap Your Heads Say Yeah. At night, The Basement spotlights just-about-to-hit-The-Bigtime acts like Thad Cockrell, Courtney Jaye and Jessie Baylin. When shows are sold out, as they often are, you better hope the fire marshal’s not in the neighborhood because this venue goes over capacity on the regular. The place is non-smoking, but there’s a little patio right outside for lighting up.

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