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Two Leather Jacket Must-Haves for the Rock Aficionado

Say the words rock ‘n’ roll and what pictures immediately come to mind? Probably a nice Fender Strat or Gibson Les Paul, maybe long hair, tattoos and screaming groupies? Definitely a nice broken in leather jacket.


Few fashion pieces scream rock ‘n’ roll as much as the leather jacket—maybe spandex if you’re into the 80s thing, but don’t expect to pull off the Poison look today unless you’re at a Steel Panther concert!


Apart from a nice pair of Chuck Taylors or ripped jeans, the leather jacket is the must have for any rock legend or just plain cool guy. How’s the song go? “Denim and leather, brought us all together?”


Just like the world of guitars, you can spring for designer and hand craftsmanship, or you can save money for beer and keep it under a hundred bucks: Or do both. Either way you go, the ladies heads’ll be turning.


Giorgio Armani Collezioni Leather Field Jacket

At around $1,500 bucks, worth every penny. This rugged lambskin leather classic is a rock ‘n’ roll fashion piece that would even make James Dean jealous. This one’s all Easy Rider, but with serious luxury woven into its ruggedness. A true show stopper—this one’s the ’59 burst of leather jackets. Available at Neiman Marcus USA and other fine retailers worldwide.


Leatherup Top Grade Motorcycle Jacket

You don’t have to break the bank to pick up a rippin’ biker jacket: has tons of sweet biker jackets, leather jackets for men and women and even motorcycle helmets, all for really reasonable prices. The Top Grade Motorcycle jacket sports the iconic look of a true Hell’s Angel—an all black leather biker jacket studded with zippers. Usually about $150 bucks, but it’s not uncommon to grab one of these on sale for under a hundo.

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