Tommy Thayer Signature ‘Spaceman’ Les Paul Unveiled by Epiphone

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Tommy Thayer Signature ‘Spaceman’ Les Paul Unveiled by Epiphone

Longtime KISS axeman’s signature model to be released in January


By Alex Baker


Epiphone has unveiled their new Tommy Thayer ‘Spaceman’ Les Paul. The highly-anticipated model was named after the guitarist who first played with Kiss in 2002 and has since gone on to inhabit the Spaceman role pioneered by the group’s founding guitarist Ace Frehley.


The new Tommy Thayer ‘Spaceman’ Les Paul was designed to the guitarists specifications and features a silver sparkle top, two channels, and Gibson 498 pickups.


Speaking to his website, Tommy had this to say about the guitar:


“I’m psyched to be playing my new guitar onstage as we embark on the 2012 Kiss Cruise and South American stadium tour in the weeks ahead. My signature axe will soon be available in guitar shops everywhere.”


While the Thayer ‘Spaceman’ Epiphone Les Paul is not yet available in stores, there are models available through special offers at the guitarist’s own website


Check out the above video of the guitar being demoed by the ‘Spaceman’ himself, Tommy Thayer.

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