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The Peerless Retromatic: A Star Is Born

Retro rock appeal and vintage tone in a compact package


By Alex Baker


The newly-unveiled Retromatic from Peerless Guitars might just be the first new guitar to get us excited in 2013.


Peerless is a well-regarded manufacturer of acoustic guitars that also specializes in smaller body, thinline electric guitars.


With its distinctive, stylish headstock, the Retromatic features a truss-rod cover, and pick guard design with a pronounced emphasis on retro-cool. The 22-fret neck is maple and the fret board is rosewood with angled Mother of Pearl inlay. This elegantly-poised neck not only enhances the Retromatic’s sophisticated appearance, it also lends it a more comfortable playing profile.



Apart from its great looks, the other thing that we really like about the Peerless Retromatic, is the variety of pickup configurations it’s available with. You can get the Retromatic with a single humbucker, or a combination of humbucker and P90 pickups, with or without a 6-way varitone. The pickups were designed by Matt Gleeson of Monty’s Pickups London, and were specifically crafted to suit the Retromatic’s body shape and acoustic characteristics.


The Peerless Retromatic is just one of the hundreds of pieces of new gear we’re excited about that will be featured at the upcoming 2013 NAMM Convention this month.


Keep it locked to GSTV for previews of all the hottest new gear for 2013.

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