Artist Showcase Winner: The Killin’ Time Band

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Artist Showcase Winner: The Killin’ Time Band

GSTV’s Artist Showcase Winners for November know how to “light up” any party


The self-proclaimed “world’s best party band” The Killin‘ Time Band are a talented group of musicians who are committed to making quality music and having fun in the process. The Burlington, Ontario outfit blend eclectic and tasteful influences that include Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Tom Waits, GNR, and the Grateful Dead into a crisp, contemporary pop-rock sound that’s laced with elements of hip-hop. More than just some mindless group of hedonistic party-rockers, TKTB are also committed to serving their community by elevating the consciousness of their audience. Check out The Killin’ Time Band’s official video for ” Bong Man.”

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