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The Jazz Guitar Handbook

Backbeat Books publishes The Jazz Guitar Handbook


If you’ve been curious about learning to play jazz guitar but are unsure about how to get started then Backbeat Books’ new publication, The Jazz Guitar Handbook may be the book for you. The 256 page compendium offers comprehensive instruction in learning and mastering one of the most challenging but rewarding styles of guitar playing.


The thorough, step-by-step guide begins by teaching readers simple blues-based riffs over basic chord structures. It then builds upon this foundation, teaching players advanced harmony, improvisation, scales, chords, and theory. The book goes on to offer instruction on a broad array of jazz styles including jazzy blues, swing, bebop, modal, jazz-funk, and Gypsy.


The book was written to be easy-to-use and accessible to players of all levels. In addition to offering comprehensive instruction, The Jazz Guitar Handbook also includes:


  • An illustrated history of jazz guitars and guitarists
  • More than 100 exercises and musical examples in notation and tab
  • All the essential scales and chords
  • The fundamentals of modern jazz harmony and improvisation
  • Advice on choosing a guitar for jazz
  • A 96-track CD of exercises, scales, chords, and backing tracks


The author, Rod Fogg, is a London based guitarist and author who has previously authored The Electric Guitar Handbook and How to Read Music. He has also co-authored Django Reinhardt: Know the Man, Play the Music and The Totally Interactive Band Bible.


“I would recommend this to any jazz guitar teacher looking for a book to use with serious students,” says Doug Perkins of the Jazz Guitar Society. “It will provide both an excellent road map of sequential subject matter to cover, as well as a lot of the material that you would normally have to write by hand.”


For more information, or to order a copy, visit Backbeat Books.

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