The Head and the Heart at The Wiltern – Los Angeles

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The Head and the Heart at The Wiltern – Los Angeles

Show Review: The Head and the Heart @ The Wiltern
October 12th, 2012


Below is an excerpt from a review by Christine Perez – LA Music Blog. Read the full review here


All photos by: Shawn Brackbill

The video above of “Down in the Valley” is obviously stock footage and not from the show reviewed below.


To say that Seattle-born band the Head and the Heart will mellow any stressed-out, traffic-battling 20-something Los Angelian rushing to get to a concert on time is a gross understatement. Upon arriving to the show an hour late due to an insane amount of Los Angeles traffic, I figured the night was ruined. It seemed my spiteful mood could not be adjusted — that is, until the Head and the Heart took the stage to perform one of the most inspired and relaxing of shows.


Unfortunately, my lack of punctuality lead me to miss all but one song from the wonderfully talented Bryan John Appleby, but, according to the Head and the Heart guitarist Josiah Johnson — Or was it bassist Chris Zasche? I couldn’t tell standing by the bar in the back of the Wiltern, clutching my vodka cranberry —“Bryan killed it tonight.” With a boisterous round of applause, the audience seemed to agree.


The Head and the Heart began the night with the songs “Cats and Dogs” and “Coeur D’Alene” off of their 2011 self-titled debut album, which immediately lightened my downtrodden mood and had everyone singing along. They kept the momentum going with “Ghosts,” which got the guys standing next to me to link arms and skip. And this was just three songs in.


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