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The Guild X-175 Manhattan

Striking hollow body evokes the ’50s and ’60s with a few modern touches


Visually stunning and with few modern features to speak of, the Guild X-175 Manhattan is a hollow bodied beauty with a truly retro character. The guitar boasts a floating bridge and a number of other features that are somewhat surprising to find on a new guitar manufactured in 2013. But the X-175′s deeply retro character is arguably part of its charm.


The guitar’s build is sturdy, as you’d expect from a guitar that seems to aspire to be a mid-century throwback. The three-piece neck is rock solid as is the resonant, hollow body. One of the X-175 Manhattan’s best features are its “Frequency Tested” single coil pickups, which provide a truly authentic retro sound.



One of the guitar’s worst features seems to be its ability to stay in tune. The instrument comes equipped with Grover Sta-Tite tuners that enhance its retro look nicely but apparently do little to keep it in tune.


Still in spite of this one flaw, albeit not exactly a minor one, the Guild X-175 Manhattan has a lot going for it. It’s difficult to overstate just how handsome to look at this guitar is. Its got laminated maple back and sides and a laminated spruce top that features an Antique Burst finish. It looks every inch a true classic, and its got the tone to back that up.


Played clean, the X-175 is a real jazzer, perfect for playing swing, western or gypsy jazz. Dirty it up a little and the guitar becomes a bluesy hotbox, ideal for rockabilly riffing or laying down stabbing blues licks.


All in all, when you take in its strengths and its flaws, the Guild Manhattan X-175 is a real charmer that will definitely appeal to purists for whom less sometimes really is more.


Check out this demo of the Guild X-175 Manhattan being put through the paces.



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