The Edge of U2: Gear and Tone Secrets

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The Edge of U2: Gear and Tone Secrets

U2 guitarist The Edge shows off the first guitar he ever bought, his iconic Gibson Explorer. In New York City at age 17 and intending to buy a Les Paul, The Edge fell for the Explorer instead. Even after breaking the neck at a show years ago, it’s still one of The Edge’s favorite guitars.


The Edge demonstrates how the Explorer plus digital delay provides the clear ringing tone that became such an integral part of the U2 sound. He also talks about how he was inspired by Keith Richards and Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr to steer clear of lengthy guitar solos and support the song, instead.


U2 is one of the most critically and commercially successful bands in rock history—they’ve won 22 Grammys, more than any other band, and have sold over 150 million records.

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