GSTV Buzz Band: The Dirty Pearls

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GSTV Buzz Band: The Dirty Pearls

  More like a gang that’s somehow got ahold of some instruments than just some mere band, The Dirty Pearls are an NYC outfit with an old school rock and roll sound and attitude. The band burst out of the Lower East Side about three years ago, playing catchy rock songs about sex, drugs, and what else. . . rock and roll.


The band’s neo-classic rock vibe takes its cues from influences like Aerosmith, The Clash, The Ramones, The Stones, and Guns N Roses. The Pearls are already generating a respectable buzz around the Big Apple and have opened for the likes of Jet, KISS, The Darkness, New York Dolls, Scott Weiland, and Andrew WK. The band has also just released their debut album, Whether You Like it Or Not, which was helmed by Strokes and Sublime producer, David Kahne.


GSTV caught up with these rising stars of the NYC rock scene at this year’s CMJ Festival. Check out our our exclusive interview and live footage of one of the Big Apple’s most-buzzing-est bands.



-Alex Baker

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