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The Cult Ready Prequel to Latest Album

British stadium rock giants The Cult have pulled a page out of the film industry’s playbook and are preparing to release a “prequel” to their latest acclaimed album Choice of Weapon.


The prequel album, entitled Weapon of Choice will feature the songs from the latest album in earlier stages of development and is aimed at appealing to hardcore fans of the band. Weapon of Choice will be available as a digital-only release and is intended to offer fans a rare glimpse into the band’s process.


“These songs were turned over and over, forged in long rehearsals and writing sessions and emanated from challenges both personal and professional,” explained longtime Cult frontman and sometimes Doors singer, Ian Astbury.


Weapon of Choice is comprised of ten tracks that were recorded with producer Chris Gross and recorded at studios in Los Angeles, New York, the California desert, and at The Cult’s own studio, Witch Mountain.


“These songs have an integrity and rawness of their own,” explained Astbury. “In many way it’s a different album to the one we released and reveals the foundation of Choice of Weapon.


Weapon of Choice will be released exclusively on iTunes October 16 and will be made available for just two months.

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