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The Buffalo FX Patriot

Buffalo FX Patriot recreates classic ’90s muff pedal sound


The Patriot is the latest pedal from Buffalo FX, a French company that specializes in handmade stompboxes.


The Patriot if Buffalo FX’s take on the early ’90s Russian muff pedal, closely associated with David Gilmour‘s guitar sound during Pink Floyd’s Division Bell tour.


The pedal features a big, heavy, creamy sound, perfect for capturing that trademark Gilmour, smooth lead sound. A big part of what makes the Patriot’s sound so distinct, are the rare Russian diodes utilized in the pedal, as well as an internal trim pot that makes it possible to roll off some of the low end.


For more info on the Patriot, and other cool pedals from Buffalo FX, visit their official website.

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