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GSTV Featured Artist : Caroline Jones – Artist Showcase


Where is the love? Well, it is right here, and her name is Caroline Jones. With an onstage temperament of a gentle soul comes sweet vocal tonality and musicality, and she is as welcoming as you could possibly hope for from an artist. While her influences – including Son House, Ella Fitzgerald, and other notables – had notably strong vocals, Caroline is also a clear contender with a robust and dynamic range all her own. Hints of both Rickie Lee Jones and Stevie Nicks seem to resonate as classic art in Caroline’s clean, cool musical sound and style, as demonstrated in this performance of her hit “Ain’t No Bows,” captured by Guitar Shop TV backstage at a New York venue.

Caroline is unquestionably a songwriter’s songwriter, and on her way to a stardom. She is an unadulterated talent in that little effort seems to be required to draw you in. Caroline has the unique ability to make you feel like she loves you as much as you will love her. Stay tuned to Guitar Shop TV for more on Caroline, she’s the real deal! Enjoy!

For more information on Caroline, including her latest CDNice to Know You” and upcoming appearences, visit:

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