The $10,000 Acoustic Guitar: Gibson Custom Shop

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The $10,000 Acoustic Guitar: Gibson Custom Shop



Check this cool video “The Making of Gibson’s Master Museum Acoustic Guitars” for insights into the construction of hand-crafted custom original Gibson acoustics–these instruments are among the best of the best.


The acoustic guitar market is in a very interesting position when compared to the electric guitar.  While a vintage market exists, it has not become nearly as inflated from a price perspective as the electric vintage guitar market.


This is interesting because the woods used in very desirable acoustic guitars of the past include tone woods that are now virtually extinct, or at least rapidly becoming so.  Because this wood, particularly the rarest varieties of rosewood, and Central American mahogany, is so difficult to legally obtain today, new guitars built form these woods are considerably more expensive than their vintage counterparts.


Where a 1960s Martin D28 made from Brazilian rosewood will get up to about the $10,000 range in value, a new Martin D28 Authentic that uses the same wood will cost you $20,000 today, and the vintage one usually sounds better because it’s been broken in for the last four decades!


Still, guitars continue to be introduced to the new market that are either made from supreme tone woods, slathered in fancy inlay and artistic appointments, or made in limited numbers to satisfy the custom shop collector of rare guitars.


Here are a couple of the coolest $10,000 acoustic guitars for the rare guitar collector.


The Gibson SJ200 Dusty Rose






The Gibson SJ200 Dusty Rose was made in 2008, in a limited production of 13. It’s essentially a custom SJ200 with premium woods, such as eastern curly maple on the back and sides.  The Dusty Rose is stained a pale rose-burgundy color on the back and sides, and features a stunning rose inlay on the pick guard and fingerboard.  Sold in stores for $9,999.
The Gibson J250 Monarch




Only eight of these puppies will ever be made, six in three-tone sunburst and two in antique natural finishes.  The Gibson J250 Monarch is pretty much the quintessential Gibson acoustic guitar, featuring all the vibe of a handmade Gibson Super Jumbo and an artful presentation unmatched by any other rare guitars sought out by guitar players and art collectors.

Inlays include detailed regal crowns on the fingerboard and a supped-up floral and vine design on the pick guard.  Mother of pearl surrounds the headstock, binding, sound hole and bridge.  Tone woods include a select sitka top and premium Madagascar Rosewood back and sides.


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