Tascam Guitar Player Gadgetry: Two Must-Have Tascam Toys

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Tascam Guitar Player Gadgetry: Two Must-Have Tascam Toys

Tascam has been making seriously great contributions to the world of guitar players since the early 1970s. They’re actually credited with the invention of the portastudio—a mobile recording studio of sorts, the first ones of which actually used cassettes as their recording media! Anybody remember cassettes?


Anyway, what’s probably most impressive about Tascam is the variety of the stuff they make— since they began as a research and development company, Tascam is kind of across the board with their contribution to guitar players and audiophiles.


They make everything from the handheld Tascam guitar trainer and compact audio interfaces to high-end digital mixers and soundboards, But while their product line is tremendous, Tascam really shines in the world of compact guitar player gadgetry. Here are a couple of the coolest new guitar player gadgets Tascam’s introduced to the world of gear.


Tascam DR07 Handheld Digital Recorder

If you ever bring your guitar with you when you travel, like to record interviews with musicians you meet or have ever wanted to record a band practice without bringing more gear than you can fit in your pocket, then you need to get one of these. The sound quality is flooring with the built-in stereo mics, or you can even use your own room mic with the 1/8th inch line in.


The DR07 placed in a practice room yields amazingly balanced and compressed-sounding audio, recorded in 24 bit WAVs or MP3s that you can easily transfer to your computer to edit, share or use as studio tracks for building songs.


Using it as a singer/songwriter tool produces amazing sounding vocals and acoustic guitar tone just by setting it up on its kickstand in front of you while you play. It’s a must have for any field recorder or traveling musician that loves to cut demos in hotels or on the road.


Tascam TC-1S Solar Powered Guitar Tuner

Sick of changing the batteries in your guitar tuner? If so, it might be time to toss the old guitar tuner and go green…or pink, orange, white, black or blue! The Tascam TC-1S solar powered tuner is the ultimate in “why the hell didn’t I think of that” guitar technology. (Seriously, solar powered calculators were around in…the 80s? come on!)


Six different colors, a drop-proof shock absorbing casing and four great selectable tuning interfaces accurate to 1-cent make the TC-1S the ultimate eco-friendly travel tuner on the market.


Check out this product profile interview with Tascam for more info:


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