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Flashback: Eric Clapton talks about his Gibson SG and “Woman Tone” (1968)





In this very cool UK video from “Cream at the Royal Albert Hall” Eric Clapton shows in a interview the sound and use of his psychedelic Gibson SG, his wah, woman tone, and blues skill. In our humble opinion, the combination of the SG and Marshall defined the Clapton sound! We also LOVE the voice of the English narrator…”the electronic guitar is also dismissed as nothing more than a jangling noise machine, etc”…he sounds right out of a 60″s British Sci-Fi film—too much!

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Gibson Les Paul ’70s Tribute

The new Les Paul Studio ’70s tribute offers a classic twist on the beloved tone machine


By Alex Baker


With Gibson having officially deemd 2013 as the “Year of the Les Paul,” the storied American guitar manufacturer will be releasing a number of variations on the iconic Les Paul… Read More

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Dom La Nena: exclusive interview with French-Brazilian world music sensation

Lovely and talented Dom La Nena is a cellist, singer, songwriter with a new album on Six Degrees Records


Interview by Alex Baker


Even a novelist would be hardpressed to devise as exotic a background for a singer as that of Dom La Nena. Born in Brazil as Dominique Pinto, she studied cello in Buenos Aires, where she earned the nickname “La Nena,” before launching her musical career in

Read More

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Pushing the Sun

Pushing the Sun are a melodic hard rock outfit from San Francisco that was formed in 2012 by guitarist Billy Connally. Connally had previously released an instrumental album on Steve Vai’s Digital Nation label but longed to return to a classic rock format with a lead singer, bassist and drummer. To that end, he recruited vocalist Andrew Saman, drummer A.J. Curtis, and bassist Larry Smith. Having spent the last year gigging around SF and Northern California, the band are currently hard at work on recording their debut full-length album. Check… Read More

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Wally Montgomery

Wally Montgomery is a country rock singer guitarist with camera friendly looks and formidable chops to back them up. Drawing on wide-ranging influences that include Brad Paisley, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Van Halen, Montgomery has concocted an appealing contemporary sound that seems almost perfectly balanced between rock and new country. Check out Wally’s formidable chops for yourself in this video of him performing his original guitar instrumental “Chicken Salad.”

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Wings of Apollo

Wings of Apollo are a heavy rock outfit from Nashville, TN. A true power trio in every sense, the band has a hard-hitting, funky rock sound that recalls the likes of AC/DC, Zeppelin, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band is led by singer/guitarist Jesse Korby who’s ably backed by Pat Greaves on bass and David Martin on drums. Check out the band in action in this video medley showing Wings of Apollo playing live.

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