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Gear Profile: 65 Amps


Each decade holds a defining characteristic, and today everyone is captivated with reviving these vintage items and feelings. 65amps aims to bring back the sound of rock n’ roll from the 1960s; a time filled with soul and rebellion in music. These new amps serve as the bridge between old sounds and new products. Check out 65amps featured product, and pick up one for yourself or a fellow musician!
The low-powered but extremely toneful 18 Watt London Pro tube amp is hand made in the… Read More

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Chill Pill Audio Mobile Speakers

Rock ‘n’ Roll is an act that’s meant to be taken on the road—when you’re travelling a lot and spending your time in airplanes and hotels, it’s nice to have a way to kick out the jams without the annoying ear buds in the whole time you’re in your room.


The phrase “mobile speakers” is a somewhat paradoxical term for guys that are picky about how their music sounds. Ask most guitar players and they’ll tell you that… Read More

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