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Furasoul are a deadly sounding reggae band from Stuttgart, Germany. The six-piece ensemble was formed in 2006 and in the seven years since then they’ve been honing their set of original material in clubs and festivals around Germany and in neighboring countries like Denmark and Austria. Furasoul have a bright reggae sound that also incorporates elements of soul, rock, hip-hop and pop,… Read More

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Studio Instrument Rentals (SIR): Does Your Rehearsal Space Write Neil Young Songs?

SIR, or Studio Instrument Rentals, is one of the largest and most popular services in the music industry. It’s a network nationwide with facilities in 13 cities, and offers studios, rehearsal space, and gear backlines for any size production or event.

So it’s a production company, and that’s all well and good, but SIR is so hugely immersed in the rock world, it’s actually influenced rock ‘n’ roll itself to a certain degree. Bruce Berry,… Read More

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