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Taylor Guitars Introduces All-New Mahogany 500s

Mahogany tops and new appointments lend fresh tonal flavors and classic character to Mahogany 500 acoustic series


Taylor Guitars has unveiled a new line of mahogany topped acoustic guitars. The Mahogany 500 series features five basic models: the Dreadnought 520, Grand Concert 522, Grand Auditorium 524, Grand Symphony 526, and Grand Orchestra 528.


There are also variations available with embedded electronics and with… Read More

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Bigrock Power Pins – Take Your Acoustic Guitar Bridge to the Next Level

Bigrock unveils 21st Century replacement for the 16th Century bridge pin


Bigrock Engineering has developed and released a new system for stringing and tuning acoustic guitars.


The Bigrock Power Pins replacement bridge system is a modern update on what is essentially a 16th century technology. The Power Pins system makes stringing and tuning easier, while also offering better protection for the bridge assembly from wear and damage from… Read More

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Blackstar LT Pedals: Innovative New Line of Stompboxes Hits Stores this Fall

Blackstar introduces compact new LT line of guitar pedals


Blackstar Amps has unveiled the new ‘LT’ range of compact guitar pedals at the 2013 Summer NAMM convention in Nashville, TN. The new line of valve-driven pedals includes LT Boost, LT Drive, LT Dist, LT Metal, and LT Dual. The small but mighty array of five distinct distortion and overdrive pedals is derived from Blackstars award-winning HT pedal line.

 … Read More

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Welsch rockers Doppelganger are a four-piece with a heavy sound influenced by vintage alt rock. Haling from Wrexham, North Wales, the band was formed in 2011 by singer/guitarist Don Simms, lead guitarist Dan Davies, bassist Carl Bowes and drummer Kieren Williams. The band found instant traction through early demo recordings, receiving airplay on KERRANG, Radio One, and Q Radio, before they’d even played a gig. Check out Doppelganger’s hard-hitting live act in this video of them performing “Hate the Things You Love” live at a recent gig in Chester.

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The Dirty Clergy

Alabama rockers, The Dirty Clergy are a true working rock and roll band formed in Winfield in 2010 and consist of songwriter/guitarist Brian Manasco, singer Brad White, bassist Ky Carter and drummer Cody Moorehead. The band have achieved a measure of success and notoriety as a touring act with comparisons being drawn to bands like T-Rex, Bob Dylan and Muse. The Dirty Clergy are a hardworking live band but when they’re offstage they seem to like to have a good time as you can see in the video for “Cocaine,… Read More

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Bryant Carter Band

Bryant Carter has been writing and performing music since he was 15. Together with his four-piece outfit, the Bryant Carter Band, the singer/guitarist has built up a good regional following in and around Kansas City where they’re based. Carter is backed by guitarist Shawn Buxton, drummer Jake Franklin, and bassist Ben Wemhoener. Together the band specialize in honest countrified rock with a dash of attitude. They’re certainly a formidable live force as you’ll see form this video of the Bryant Carter Band… Read More

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