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Bryant Carter Band

Bryant Carter has been writing and performing music since he was 15. Together with his four-piece outfit, the Bryant Carter Band, the singer/guitarist has built up a good regional following in and around Kansas City where they’re based. Carter is backed by guitarist Shawn Buxton, drummer Jake Franklin, and bassist Ben Wemhoener. Together the band specialize in honest countrified rock with a dash of attitude. They’re certainly a formidable live force as you’ll see form this video of the Bryant Carter Band… Read More

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Alice Sweet Alice

Alice Sweet Alice is a band from Kansas City that fuses innovative hard rock with electro and elements of post punk to create their own uniquely contemporary rock sound. This eclectic assemblage of musicians is co-fronted by female vocalist/keyboardist Ali Kat, and bassist/vocalist Scott Martinez. Also in the lineup are drummer/vocalist Billy Brown, and lead guitarist Ron Bales. The band has been around since 2007 and are in the process of… Read More

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