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Video: Orange CS50 Custom Shop 50

Demo of Orange’s hand-wired Custom Shop valve head being put through the paces


It’s true that the Orange CS50 Custom Shop 50 is a relatively no-frills affair. But it’s stripped-down simplicity enables it to do just about everything you could reasonably expect from a 50-watt, four-valve amp head, and quite possibly, more.


Watch as the CS50′s tone veers from smooth and glassy to vintage overdrive muscle at the flick of a pickup switch in this demo video from our friends at Guitarist.

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Artist Showcase Winner: Midnight Empire

GSTV spotlights edgy Dallas hard rock combo


By Alex Baker


Guitar Shop TV is pleased to announce Dallas rockers Midnight Empire as our December Artist Showcase winners.


Conceived as a sort of snotty bastard offspring of AC/DC and Guns N Roses, Midnight Empire are a hard-rocking bunch of lads from Dallas, Texas. Like GNR, Midnight Empire have got a look, a sound, and an attitude. The band has already made waves locally and… Read More

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