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Very Cool Slash Solo

Slash lays down a Peter Frampton-tinged solo with a Heil Talk Box in his mouth and a Les Paul in his hands. Many people think Frampton’s vocal sound on his mega-hit “Do You Feel Like We Do,” was created with a vocoder, but it was actually made with a talkbox, a small speaker connected to a clear plastic hose that the performer sticks in his mouth. You can see the hose here, winding up Slash’s Read More

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Stevie Ray Vaughan: “Testify” – A Killer Performance!

Testify! Could this song have had any other name? Here’s Stevie Ray Vaughan doing one of his best Hendrix impressions with Double Trouble on the Isley Brothers track that became one of his favorite live gems. Stevie picks, wails, and mind-melds with his axe until he has absolutely manipulated the sounds coming out. His playing had much more massive appeal than just to… Read More

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Drive by Truckers – “The Righteous Path” Live From Austin City Limits

Drive-By Truckers feature a triple guitar attack, and its all on display here as Patterson Hood hammers out the rhythm to “The Righteous Path” in this clip from their Live From Austin, TX CD/DVD combo released last year. By the time we see Hood, Mike Cooley, and John Neff on the pedal steel exchanging licks at this Read More

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