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Ray-Ban Aviators: Prepare For Rock & Roll Lift Off

Ray-Ban has been making shades since 1937 when they were birthed as a company to fashion make glasses for the US Army Air Corps. Ray-Ban was literally born to make aviators: the ultimate sunglass style that still holds its place as the single-coolest shaded look around.


The glasses were initially manufactured by request of a pilot named Lt. John MacCready, who embarked on a hot air balloon flight that ended up doing permanent damage to his eyesight… Read More

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Hard Rock Hotels Give Away Free Music

If Peter Morton and Isaac Tigrett called their London, England spot the Soft Rock Café in 1971, the clientele probably would have ended up super lame.


Good thing they were smart and started classing up the joint with hard rock memorabilia that landed them enough vibe to spread to the States and other parts of the world like wildfire, otherwise an unruly trip to LasRead More

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Bose for the Guitar Player: Reinventing the PA System with the Bose L1 Family

If you’re even a remotely picky audiophile—and let’s face it, guitarists are absolutely as picky as they come—then chances are you own at least a few pieces of gear by Bose.


Whether it’s home theater systems, noise canceling headphones or a PA system for a singer/songwriter, Bose is a true champion of the discerning ear: they actually have a 70,000 square foot building in Framingham,Read More

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Converse: Chuck Taylor All Stars and New Community Studio in Brooklyn, NY

So if your guitar’s like your broken-in leather jacket and your amp’s like a nice pair of ripped jeans, I guess your pedalboard would be like a fresh pair of Chuck Taylors?


Okay, maybe that’s stretching it like spandex 1980s style, but there’s no denying rock ‘n’ roll isn’t just an art form, it’s a lifestyle. Rock ‘n’ roll is a fashion as well as a style of music and it’s all about cool comfort.


It’s the simple things in… Read More

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Tascam Guitar Player Gadgetry: Two Must-Have Tascam Toys

Tascam has been making seriously great contributions to the world of guitar players since the early 1970s. They’re actually credited with the invention of the portastudio—a mobile recording studio of sorts, the first ones of which actually used cassettes as their recording media! Anybody remember cassettes?


Anyway, what’s probably most impressive about Tascam is the variety of the stuff they make— since they began as a… Read More

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Chill Pill Audio Mobile Speakers

Rock ‘n’ Roll is an act that’s meant to be taken on the road—when you’re travelling a lot and spending your time in airplanes and hotels, it’s nice to have a way to kick out the jams without the annoying ear buds in the whole time you’re in your room.


The phrase “mobile speakers” is a somewhat paradoxical term for guys that are picky about how their music sounds. Ask most guitar players and they’ll tell you that… Read More

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