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Smashing Pumpkins Announce Tour Dates

Billy Corgan’s new Smashing Pumpkins lineup will tour the U.S. and Europe through the Spring and Summer


By Alex Baker


Billy Corgan has been busy of late. Hot on the heels of reissuing the Smashing Pumpkin‘s landmark 1995 release, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, the singer/guitarist has announced tour dates with his current Smashing Pumpkins lineup.


The band, which in addition to Corgan, features drummer Mike Byrne, bassist Nicole Fiorentino, and rhythm… Read More

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Gear Profile: The Foxy Lady Project – The Ultimate Guitar Book

If you’re looking for the ultimate guitar photo books, you need look no further than the Foxy Lady Project; a new limited-edition volume that features life-size photographs of 61 different classic guitars.

The project came about when photographer Maxime Ruiz made a life-size blowup of a photo of a guitar that he’d taken. Ruiz and his colleague Gilles Devicq, a Paris-based image marketer, were impressed at how visually striking it was. At first they thought they’d do a… Read More

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