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Shop Spotlight: Rudy’s Music – New York

Rudy Pensa, the owner of Rudy’s Music, talks with Guitar Shop TV about the vintage guitar market from his new Soho store on Broome Street in downtown Manhattan. Pensa discusses the buying opportunities created by the recession and when he expects to see the vintage guitar market recover. Pensa also shows off his “new love,” a blond ash Fender Stratocaster from 1959.

Rudy’s Music has been an institution on New York’s 48th Street block of music stores since he… Read More

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Gear Profile: The Jimi Hendrix Setup Experience

In the narration for the film Jimi Plays Monterey, John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas said, “the incredible thing was, you could watch him like a hawk, but you could not figure out how he did it.” It’s true that the innovative guitar god may have taken many of his trade secrets with him to his grave. But one thing we are fortunate to have been left with is a fairly accurate picture of the gear setup he used.



Read More

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Shop Spotlight: Chelsea Guitars – New York

Chelsea Guitars owner Dan Courtenay shows Guitar Shop TV the store’s collection of vintage and “affordable” guitars. As he says, “I don’t consider myself a ‘vintage’ guitar dealer; I consider myself a ‘used’ guitar dealer.”


This small, unpretentious store adjacent to the famous Chelsea Hotel is a rock-star hangout for artists like Billy Corgan and The Hives, who come for… Read More

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GSTV Featured Artist : The Oz Noy Trio – Artist Showcase

Fusion guitarist Oz Noy chats with Guitar Shop TV backstage at The Bitter End in New York. Noy talks about his melodic approach to improvising, along with his interest in jazz guitarists who experiment with their tones to give them “the presence of a saxophone.” Afterwards, The Oz Noy Trio delivers a smokin’ live performance!
The Israeli-born NYC resident is a tasteful virtuoso who is receiving growing acclaim in jazz circles. He brings fresh energy to Read More

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Shop Spotlight: Gruhn’s Guitars – Nashville

To call George Gruhn a mere guitar expert would be to understate the depth and breadth of his vast knowledge. He is a true guitar intellectual, and a walking encyclopedia of detailed information about the history, physics, and the taxonomy of electric and acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos, and related instruments.


George Gruhn

Educated in Biology, Zoology, and English Literature at Vanderbilt and The Read More

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