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Electro-Harmonix Slammi Pitch Shifter/Harmony Pedal – Video

The new Slammi Pitch Shifter combines a powerful algorithm with EHX‘s Next Step Effects platform


NYC-based Electro-Harmonix has arguably taken the foot-controlled pitch-shifter pedal to another level with their new Slammi Pitch Shifter/Harmony pedal.


The pedal uses technology that combines a powerful new algorithm with EHX’s existing Next Step Effects platform. The result is a highly-versatile pedal that can be used to dive bomb across three octaves, lay down fixed interval harmonies, or just shift the pitch smoothly and seamlessly.


Specs… Read More

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Vox MINI3 G2 Portable Amp

Vox’s new MINI3 is stylish, compact, portable and loaded with gusto


Vox Amplification has released the new MINI3 G2 Portable Amp.


The compact, versatile amp makes use of Vox’s renowned modeling technology to reproduce 11 different amp sounds ranging from classic Vox British tone to more contemporary nu metal sounds.


The MINI3 can be powered by batteries or plugged in with an AC adapter. It also… Read More

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Video: Orange CS50 Custom Shop 50

Demo of Orange’s hand-wired Custom Shop valve head being put through the paces


It’s true that the Orange CS50 Custom Shop 50 is a relatively no-frills affair. But it’s stripped-down simplicity enables it to do just about everything you could reasonably expect from a 50-watt, four-valve amp head, and quite possibly, more.


Watch as the CS50′s tone veers from smooth and glassy to vintage overdrive muscle at the flick of a pickup switch in this demo video from our friends at Guitarist.

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