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Marshall AS50D Acoustic Combo

Marshall unveils the latest edition of its superb acoustic combo amp


Marshall has unveiled the new AS50D, an acoustic combo amp that delivers superb natural tone along with high quality performance.


The new AS50D includes such features as a tweeter, phantom power, digital chorus, and reverb. It also boasts an XLR DI out that enables a direct connection to a PA for playing… Read More

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The Jazz Guitar Handbook

Backbeat Books publishes The Jazz Guitar Handbook


If you’ve been curious about learning to play jazz guitar but are unsure about how to get started then Backbeat Books’ new publication, The Jazz Guitar Handbook may be the book for you. The 256 page compendium offers comprehensive instruction in learning and mastering one of the most challenging but rewarding styles of guitar playing.


The thorough, step-by-step guide begins by teaching readers simple blues-based riffs over basic chord… Read More

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The Michael Harper Project 1967

Hailing from Chicago, IL, the Michael Harper Project 1967 is a retro rock reggae outfit with a sound that’s heavily influenced by Stax and Motown artists from the 1960s. Led by vocalist and frontman, Michael Harper, the band’s live shows are like soul revival shows with backup singers and a talented multi-piece band laying down the sound behind Harper and his swanky moves up front. Dig the sound of the Michael Harper Project 1967 in this suitably retro Sixties video for “Lies, Lies, Lies.”

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SON OF 1000

South African rockers SON OF 1000 are a Johannesburg act with a sophisticated alt rock sound that’s easy on the ears. Lead singer Shaun “Soulo” Parsons has a decadence in his voice that recalls Roxy Music era Brian Ferry and the guys behind him are capable of laying down slinky pop grooves that Duran Duran or Robert Palmer would be… Read More

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Video: Flaming Lips “Turning Violent”

Wayne Coyne and co. are back with uncharacteristically straightforward new video for “Turning Violent”


The Flaming Lips have released a new video for “Turning Violent” off their latest album, The Terror.


The video is somewhat of a departure from the usual sort of videos the band releases. The rampant craziness the Lips are usually known for is reigned in significantly and aside from a bit of psychedelic lighting and glimpses of women lolling around in glitter, it’s basically about the… Read More

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Bigrock Power Pins – Take Your Acoustic Guitar Bridge to the Next Level

Bigrock unveils 21st Century replacement for the 16th Century bridge pin


Bigrock Engineering has developed and released a new system for stringing and tuning acoustic guitars.


The Bigrock Power Pins replacement bridge system is a modern update on what is essentially a 16th century technology. The Power Pins system makes stringing and tuning easier, while also offering better protection for the bridge assembly from wear and damage from… Read More

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