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Paul McCartney Joined by Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Kate Moss and Others for “Queenie Eye” Video

Sir Paul’s celebrity fans turn out in force for former Beatle’s new video


Who but Paul McCartney could lure the likes of Johnny Depp, Meryl Streep, Kate Moss, Sean Penn, Jude Law and Jeremy Law to be extras in a musicRead More

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Producing Pink Floyd: Legendary Record Producer Alan Parsons

Legendary¬†British audio engineer, musician, and record producer Alan Parsons met with Guitar Shop TV recently to discuss his amazing career and current projects. Alan was involved with the production of several classic rock albums, including The BeatlesAbbey Road and Let It Be, as well as Pink Floyd‘s The Dark Side of the Moon for which Pink Floyd credit him as an important contributor. Parsons’ own group, The Alan Parsons Project, as well as… Read More

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