Stones Begin Rehearsals for Upcoming Shows, Hint at More to Come

The Rolling Stones were on the red carpet in London last night for the premier of their new documentary Crossfire Hurricane. The 2.5 hour rock-doc chronicles the band’s career from their early days as a London blues outfit to their meteoric rise to become rock’s most endearing, and arguably, greatest act.


Speaking to the media at last night’s premier, singer Mick Jagger, who is now 69, told reporters, “Rehearsals are going very well, we’ve done about 70 songs. I said look, we only need to do 30, we don’t need to do 70, but now we are doing 70. I don’t know if we will do them all.”


The band, which along with Jagger also includes Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts, are gearing up for a handful of shows in London and New York in November and December. As of now, no further dates have been announced.


But, earlier this week Richards spoke to the BBC and hinted that more shows would likely be added.


“You know I wouldn’t be surprised,” said Richards to the Beeb’s Matt Everitt. “Nobody’s actually given a heads up on that, but I don’t think this band is gonna wind up all of this for four shows. I think they want to do something for the end of the year, and I think next year probably looks like it’s on.”


While much of the rock world has been celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Rolling Stones this year, the band themselves actually consider next year to be the true anniversary, since drummer Charlie Watts didn’t join until 1963.


“This year to us is conception,” said Richards. “Next year is the birth. But everybody around the world has decided a conception’s worth a celebration.”


The new film, Crossfire Hurricane features archival footage, much of it from the band’s heyday in the Sixties and Seventies. Making its premier at the London Film Festival last night, the film was generally well received by critics. It will show in select theaters for the time being before making its American television premier on HBO on November 15.


Earlier this week the Stones released “Doom and Gloom,” their first new single in over five years.

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