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Stone Roses Play First Show in Manchester Since 1996

Legendary English indie-pop dance-rockers the Stone Roses played their first gig in their hometown of Manchester since 1996 on Saturday night. The Roses were a sensation in the UK and an underground hit in the US back in the early 1990s when they first emerged with their “baggy” “Madchester” sound, a forerunner to the Britpop of Oasis and the Verve that conquered MTV and the airwaves a half decade later.


Unfortunately drugs, legal troubles, and mutual acrimony lead the Roses to fall from the heights as they launched a comeback in the mid-90s. However the band, which consists of singer Ian Brown, drummer Reni, bass player Mani and guitar hero John Squire, has reformed its original lineup and is in the midst of an international tour that has taken them across Europe and has just touched down in the UK.


The Roses initially made their name through their untouchably cool image and knack for majestic guitar pop hits that incorporated elements of the contemporary acid house sound. However a big part of the band’s mystique has always stemmed from their ability to seem like the right band for the moment.


While that moment may arguably have past, the nostalgia for it clearly has not. Saturday the Stone Roses reportedly enraptured the crowd with a set that was chock full of hits like “Fools Gold, “ “She Bangs the Drum,” “Love Spread,” and “I Wanna Be Adored.”


The show, which was the first of three in a row scheduled at Manchester’s Heaton Park, was “carried out amidst an air of awestruck celebration from start to finish” according to


Following further appearances in the UK and Europe, the band will head to the Far East for dates in Singapore, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong.


For more information on the Stone Roses Reunion Tour and when they might be headed to your town, check out the band’s official website.

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