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Great Performances: Steely Dan Guitarist Jon Herington Unplugged

A popular New York City-based session guitarist and singer-songwriter, Jon Herington is also “the new guy” in Steely Dan. He played on Steely Dan’s Grammy-winning album Two Against Nature and the band’s more recent release Everything Must Go. An exceptional musician and a real class act, Herington has also toured with Boz Scaggs and played in the Broadway show Hairspray.


In 1999, while recording Two Against Nature, Donald Fagen and Walter Becker of Steely Dan wanted to add some rhythm guitar to the tracks. A good friend of Herington, Ted Baker, was playing keys for the band and played Fagen and Becker Herington’s solo album “The Complete Rhyming Dictionary.” They called him in to play guitar on “Janie Runaway” and hired him to tour with the band to promote the album. In 2003, Steely Dan invited Herington back to record and tour for Everything Must Go. Fagen also used Herington to play on and tour for his solo album Morph the Cat. He appears on Walter Becker’s solo album Circus Money.

Here, Herington plays and sings a solo version of “Caroline” on his Gibson ES-336. He clearly has a full rhythm section playing in his head when he launches into the lead! What a great player! In an upcoming episode, Herington talks with Guitar Shop TV about his influences, his style, and what it’s like to play with Steeely Dan.. Stay tuned!

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