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Spanish Flamenco Legend Paco de Lucia Dead at 66

Renowned Flamenco guitarist suffers a heart attack on vacation in Mexico


Flamenco guitar legend Paco de Lucia suffered a heart attack and died Wednesday at the age of 66. The Spanish born guitarist had reportedly been on a beach in Mexico playing with his children at the time of his death.


De Lucia erupted onto the international Flamenco scene with a series of albums he released in the 1970s. However the versatile guitarist also crossed over into jazz and classical.


His father was also a Flamenco guitarist, of Gypsy descent and in a 1994 interview with Guitar Player de Lucia said “My family grew up with the Gypsies.”


He began playing the guitar at five and recorded his first album at the age of just 18.


De Lucia’s career spanned five decades, however his most influential albums were those he recorded back in the 1970s when he was partnered with singer Camaron de la Isla. Together, the duo released more than 10 albums, both classical Flamenco and also fused with rock and pop. De la Isla passed away in 1992.


Watch and prepare to be amazed at this 1976 video of Paco de Lucia at his peak, performing “Entre dos Aguas.”