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Slash and Myles Kennedy on Conan – Video

The top-hatted one and Myles Kennedy take to the airwaves to promote new film soundtrack project


Slash and Myles Kennedy appeared on “Conan” last night and performed a number from “Nothing Left to Fear;” a new film project that the former GNR guitar hero is doing the soundtrack for.


Seated with acoustic guitars, the duo performed the film’s lilting, haunting title track.

The film will be the first release from the guitarist’s Slasher Films production company. Due to hit theaters on October 4, the film has been described as “a harrowing tale in the spirit of the terrifying horror films of the 1970s.”


Slash both produced and scored the film.


Film scoring prompts me to engage different styles of writing and guitar playing that don’t always present themselves when I make rock records,” said the guitarist in a press release.


“Nothing to Fear” was partially inspired by the legend of Stull, Kansas, which according to Internet lore, is one of the Seven Gateways to Hell.


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