Once You selected a leaf level category,You can select the product by click on ' product name ' link . The upcoming screen will give a brief description about the product.From this screen you can do the followings things

1.Add to cart

To add the selected product to your shopping cart click on ' Add to cart ' . In the ensuing screen you can change the quantity,remove selected product from your shopping cart.

View shopping cart

2.Post feedback about dealer

To post any feedback about the dealer of your selected product click on ' Post feedback about dealer '. In the ensuing screen enter your feedback and click ' Post feedback '.Only the logged in user can post feedback about a dealer.

How to register with Guitar Shop TV

3.Dealer's portfolio

To view dealer's portfolio click on ' View dealer's portfolio '. A new screen will open for you.There you can find brief description, such as sample products,users feedbacks,other products etc ,about the dealer of your intended product.

4.View feedbacks about dealer

To view feedbacks about the dealer of your intended item click on ' View feedbacks about dealer ' link. In the ensuing screen you can find all the users feedback about the dealer.


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