About Us



Guitar Shop TV an online TV channel focused on a global audience of over 100 million guitarists and countless guitar music fans. are a passionate community now there was no single place on the web where we could all hang out together and share this passion.

We originally founded Guitar Shop TV as a video-driven destinantion where we can chat about the coolest guitar gear, watch interviews and performances by top guitarists and bands, have backstage access to the most exciting venues around the world, and share our common passion: great guitar music! 

We realized that it would also be very cool to offer our community access to the dozens of great guitar shops that we have met and interviewed over the years, as a single-stop onopine destination for the best in vinatge, used and new guitars, amps and other gear. We decided to set up "The Exchange" at Guitar Shop TV as an online network of the coolest guitar shops around the country where you can shop and buy great instruments directly from our dealer partners.

We expect to launch "The Exchange" early in 2013, and will gradually add other products related to the guitar lifestyle such as concert tickets---Stay Tuned!


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