Shop Spotlight: The Music Zoo – Long Island, New York

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Shop Spotlight: The Music Zoo – Long Island, New York

Guitar of Eddie Van Halen

Guitar of Eddie Van Halen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Tommy Colletti, Owner and CEO of The Music Zoo in Roslyn, Long island, New York speaks with GSTV about his love for guitars and his passion for delivering quality instruments and service to his customers. Colletti established The Music Zoo 19 years ago, and recently relocated to an expansive new location to better serve his growing clientele. He also discusses how technology has changed the guitar community, his personal guitar collection, and along with one of his all-time favorite guitars, Eddie Van Halen‘s Custom Strat, which is on display at The Music Zoo!

Since 1994, The Music Zoo has been a destination for musicians around New York City. Its commitment to personalized service, groundbreaking custom instruments, and low prices have made them the first choice for players around the world as well.The Music Zoo’s staff is legendary for their hands-on knowledge of gear and will be sure that you are 100% satisfied with your experience.

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