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Guitar of the Month: The Sheryl Crow Gibson Hummingbird

The Gibson Hummingbird is one of the most iconic and recognized acoustic guitars in music history. First introduced in 1960, the Hummingbird was Gibson’s first square-shouldered dreadnought acoustic guitar, designed to compete with similar Martin acoustic guitars of the time.


The Hummingbird typically sports a spruce top with mahogany back and sides, as well as a distinctive decorative pick guard, though some vintage models in the early 1960s featured a maple back and sides, and as a result, certain modern special editions will reflect those constructions.



Modern Gibson Hummingbird models feature X-bracing patterns for an enhanced projection and deeper bass.
While there are several variations of the Hummingbird, and therefore a wide variety of sounds, they are typically known for a sweet and bright response. The guitar is especially versatile, capable of meeting the requirements of many styles of music. However, the sweet midrange and brilliant highs make it especially well-suited for country and bluegrass, as well as folk and rock guitar players.


The Gibson acoustic has been used by several famous artists, most notably Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Gram Parsons, and Sheryl Crow.



Gibson Sheryl Crow Hummingbird
Sheryl Crow has her own signature model of the Gibson Hummingbird, equipped with Gotoh button tuners, a special pick guard, and an L.R. Baggs Element ES active acoustic pickup system. The Element combines an onboard preamp with an under-saddle transducer to amplify the instrument’s natural sound. Sleek and unobtrusive, the guitar can plug directly into any amplifier or recording system, all but eliminating the need for time-consuming microphone setups.