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Scorpions “Rock You Like a Hurricane” Unplugged – Video

German metal legends perform innovative acoustic version of metal anthem for MTV Unplugged


The Scorpions are back and they’ve released a video for a stunning acoustic version of their classic metal anthem “Rock You Like a Hurricane” to accompany their recent MTV Unplugged album release.


The video was shot over a two night performance the group played in September of 2013 at the Lycabettus Amphitheater in Athens, Greece.


The Scorpion’s MTV Unplugged performance had been a long time in coming, with the group originally approached to do the show way back in the late 1980s.


“We had the offer in the late ’80s to do MTV Unplugged,” said Scorps guitarist Rudolph Schenker, speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock. “But we were so busy traveling around the world and playing everywhere that we had to say no.”


Although at first Schenker didn’t sound exactly thrilled by the idea of unplugging to perform one of ‘80s metal‘s heaviest anthems.


“I’m a complete rock guitar bastard,” said Schenker. “You know I love rock guitar like crazy. That’s because the scorpions as a band played eighty percent rock stuff on the albums and twenty percent ballads.”


Thankfully the band were able to work with a producer who was very good at acoustic guitars and in the end, Schenker and the rest of the Scorps arrived at an “unplugged” sound that still held true to the band’s metal roots.


Check it out!


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