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Schecter Warns Buyers to Beware of Counterfeits

Cheap copies of Schecters being floated as the genuine article


By Alex Baker


Schecter has issued a warning that several guitars recently appearing for sale on auction sites have in fact been counterfeits. The American mass producer of custom guitars has identified the Synyster Gates Signature (above) as being one of the guitars that has been appearing as counterfeited.


Founded in Van Nuys, CA in the mid Seventies, Schector is known for producing affordable custom shop type guitars like the Synyster Gates, the Hellraiser and the Avenger. Currently Schecter’s formidable artist roster includes the likes of Nikki Sixx, Prince, Robert Smith, the Black Veil Brides, Cheap Trick‘s Robin Zander, and Gary Holt of Exodus/Slayer, to name just a few.



The poorly made fakes currently in circulation can be identified by headstocks that are too large, and an overall attention to detail that falls well short of Schecter’s high standards.


This is the counterfeit warning as it appeared on the guitar maker’s website:




Over the years, Schecter has discovered the presence of counterfeits or imitations of various Schecter guitars. Although Schecter aggressively pursues the removal of such counterfeits, please be aware that some counterfeit and/or imitation Schecter products are being offered to consumers primarily through online websites, auction sites and trade boards.


As you know, Schecter products are designed and manufactured to high quality standards.  Counterfeit and imitation Schecter products are manufactured and sold without Schecter’s knowledge or consent, and not in accordance with Schecter’s high quality standards.


Please be aware that if you buy a Schecter product from a source other than an authorized Schecter dealer or retailer, you may be purchasing a counterfeit or imitation Schecter.  Counterfeits are not under any warranty, and Schecter cannot accept responsibility for any problems with or the inferior quality of any counterfeit or imitation Schecter products.


If you have any questions regarding the authenticity of a Schecter product, please email at

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